Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Let's get started on this blog!

Dear best friends,

As I am officially starting this blog, I am 100% sure that you two are the only ones reading this.

I miss you girls and I can't wait for us to reunite in November :)

If I'm wrong, and you're actually a stranger, I strongly recommend you check them out:
These two girls are smart, interesting, stylish and beautiful inside out.

That's it for now, tons of posts will follow :)

Take care,



  1. My dear best friend,
    hahahah omG i LOVE this post. I literally DIED of laughter!!!!
    OMG seriously dying of laughter on the floor laughing. You have NO idea how amazingly funny this is!!!! Love you girls!!! xoxox

  2. By the way, Seema has agreed to come in September!!! Would Sep. 23-25 be good???

  3. because this is SO the place to discuss travel plans. hahahh you girls crack me up.